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IFS ERP data migration is an essential component of any new ERP implementation. The success and accuracy of the new IFS solution rely heavily on the proper migration of legacy data. This is why Astra Canyon Group takes the process seriously and is committed to providing a comprehensive and successful migration experience.

Our team of technical and functional consultants have extensive experience in ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) strategies. They will extract your legacy data, map it to the appropriate fields in IFS Applications, and load the data accurately and efficiently. This minimizes the risk of errors and ensures the accuracy of your migrated data.

At Astra Canyon Group, we understand the importance of a successful data migration for a stellar IFS ERP implementation. Our commitment to accuracy and comprehensiveness means that you can trust us to handle this critical aspect of your implementation with care and expertise.

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Our Capabilities

Astra Canyon offers IFS certified consulting capabilities for:

  • IFS Consultants in 5 Worldwide Locations.
  • Provided IFS Consulting for more than 20 years
  • Performed more than 200 IFS ERP implementations
  • Has more than 100+ IFS certifications

These capabilities can be deployed across a range of industries and regions. The breadth of our team is unmatched in the IFS ecosystem and we have the ability to support clients at each phase of their IFS adoption lifecycle. 

Astra Canyon Group and IFS reduced our processing time by 80% and eliminated all paper associated with AP except checks.  They provided excellent and support and made the transition painless. 

- Lou Giovannone, Director of Finance Cheer Pack North America

The decision to choose IFS and Astra Canyon Group was influenced by factors such as flexibility of the solution, short implementation time and the fact it was very well suited to our needs... 

- Britt Schmidt, CEO Tri-Point