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As experts in deploying IFS Enterprise Software Suite, we help you achieve operational efficiency and a high return on your investment in IFS Applications, while minimizing implementation risks. We are here to assist during all stages of an ERP project.

Our portfolio includes 300+ companies from an array of industries, including: Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Life Sciences. We bring valuable industry domain knowledge that is so critical for successful ERP implementations.

Our consultants are experienced in organizational change management, business process management, project management, in-depth technical and functional knowledge of IFS Applications, as well as training and development.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Astra Canyon Group and IFS reduced our processing time by 80% and eliminated all paper associated with AP except checks.  They provided excellent and support and made the transition painless. 

- Lou Giovannone, Director of Finance Cheer Pack North America

The decision to choose IFS and Astra Canyon Group was influenced by factors such as flexibility of the solution, short implementation time and the fact it was very well suited to our needs... 

- Britt Schmidt, CEO Tri-Point

A roadmap to success

IFS ERP Implementation Methodology

Every IT solution partner begins a new enterprise resource planning project with a roadmap. Astra Canyon uses the proven IFS Implementation Methodology as the roadmap for every IFS ERP implementation. Even though each client is unique, this time-tested, proven methodology provides a strong project management template that helps ensure our customers achieve their goals on time and on budget. 

This roadmap establishes a clear rollout structure that our project team will follow, marked with key milestones and deliverables. And, it creates a communication plan to help clients stay apprised of the progress.

There are five phases in the IFS Implementation Methodology™ project life cycle. Each phase helps guide the project to the final launch.

The IFS Implementation Methodology:

Initiate Project Phase  

The Initiate Project Phase aims to smoothly move your ERP project out of the sales phase into the planning phase. Here, the AstraCanyon project team plans and prepares the project. Using the IFS Scope Tool, the team lays the foundation for a customer-specific IFS solution. The Scope Tool establishes a visual outline of how our client’s requirements fit into an IFS application. It documents how the AstraCanyon team will advance the project.

Confirm Prototype Phase 

During this project phase, the first prototype of the IFS ERP solution is constructed and presented to the client. The prototype should confirm the project scope and specifications and should meet the agreed-upon needs and customer requirements. The prototype solution will be the ground plan for the full IFS solution.

Establish Solution Phase

The goal of this phase of the ERP project is to refine, build and verify the customer-specific IFS solution. During this phase, data conversion begins and configurations, reports, and interfaces are built and modified as needed. The rollout of the solution is packaged and prepared.

Implement Solution Phase  

In this phase, the client's expectations for the IFS ERP become reality. The operational readiness of the system is tested, and training and change management begin.

Go Live Phase

This is the final project phase; now the IFS ERP is ready to be launched into operation. In the cutover process, your old systems are replaced by the IFS ERP.

The IFS Implementation Methodology was developed from many years of experience implementing IFS software in organizations of all sizes. Astra Canyon has found this seasoned methodology is a reliable guide to a successful IFS project.