IFS Services

Astra Canyon Group has the expertise to guide your IFS Journey


Expertise in the deployment of IFS enterprise software suite.



Facilitate and guide the upgrade process for an easier experience.

IFS ERP Integration


Internal and external integration including mobile and cloud-based apps.



Seamless and accurate migration of legacy data into IFS Applications.



Management and key-user access to critical business reporting data.



Customization tools to enhance unique, proprietary internal processes.

IFS ERP implementation

As experts in deploying IFS Enterprise Software Suite, we help you achieve operational efficiency and a high return on your investment in IFS Applications, while minimizing implementation risks. We are here to assist during all stages of an ERP project.

Our portfolio includes 300+ companies from an array of industries, including: Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Life Sciences. We bring valuable industry domain knowledge that is so critical for successful ERP implementation.

Our consultants are experienced in organizational change management, business process management, project management, in-depth technical and functional knowledge of IFS Applications, as well as training and development.


IFS ERP upgrades

Over time, business systems need to adapt to rapidly transforming technologies and new standards. Latest versions of IFS Application provide the latest features, an enhanced user experience and security system upgrades.

At Astra Canyon Group, we make the upgrade process easier, cost-efficient, and faster through use of our innovative technical tools. Our experienced and competent consultants re-evaluate business processes and execute a comprehensive upgrade strategy that suits your organization.


IFS ERP integration

Today, organizations need to integrate applications across internal and external systems, including cloud-based applications and mobile platforms. As these technologies rapidly evolve, it is critical to choose an up-to-date integration approach.

Astra Canyon Group’s experience with various integration approaches and industry-specific tools, means our IFS Application integrations are comprehensive and provide greater operational efficiencies.

Our proprietary, cloud-based ecosystem integration too, RelierTM, features EDI & API integrations capability. RelierTM helps streamline integration of end-to-end business processes and provides real-time visibility and insights. To learn more, visit RelierTM.


IFS Data migration

Data migration is a crucial step in new ERP implementations. Any IFS Solution and implementation is only as good as the accuracy of migrated legacy data.

Our highly experienced technical and functional consultants offer comprehensive ETL strategies: Extraction of data from legacy systems, Transformation (mapping) of data, and Loading of data into IFS Applications. It helps minimize errors and ensures high accuracy of the data migrated into IFS Applications.

At Astra Canyon Group, we are committed to a migration that is successful and comprehensive for a stellar IFS Application implementation.


IFS ERP reporting

A successful IFS System Implementation is ultimately measured by how easily management and key users access and report critical business data.

With more than 100 years of cumulative experience in reporting projects, our experts work with you to define a successful reporting strategy that exceeds organizational requirements.

Our team works with a variety of reporting tools including IFS Reporting Tools: IFS Report Designer, IFS Quick Reports, IFS Business Analytics, IFS Report Generator, and IFS Lobbies. We also work with third-party reporting tools such as: Crystal Reports and SSRS-SQL Server Reporting Services.


IFS ERP extensions

Most organizations have unique operations, special functions, or proprietary processes all of which require extending their ERP’s functionality. IFS Applications is a full-featured system with a broadened layer of capability called IFS Extensions.

By leveraging this internal toolset, our team can enhance your IFS Applications which will improve efficiency today and into the future.