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Corporate Values

Astra Canyon Group is highly committed to ensuring your success on IFS applications. We've assembled a team that brings unparalleled expertise and professionalism to the IFS network.


Our team passionately pursues the success of our clients and partners.

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We’re tenacious about overcoming challenges and solving them with creativity and hard work.

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Ownership Mindset

Accountability and ownership of our roles are central to our vision and mission.

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Client Focused

Our team is always asking “how can we best help our clients?”

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Easy To Work With

We listen and address our client’s needs; that’s why they find us easy to work with.

Easy to work with

Astra Canyon Leadership Team

Stronger Together

Naren (1)

Naren Velu

President & CEO

Building on more than 25 years of ERP industry and management experience, Naren is responsible for creating and implementing the vision, strategy and direction for the Astra Canyon Group.


Ajay Gupta

Client Success Officer

As Client Success Officer, Ajay Gupta is responsible for enhancing the overall client experience: working with clients to understand their journey, ensuring they maximize the most value from IFS applications implementation.


Blake Snider

Chief Growth Officer

A natural-born leader and detail-oriented problem solver, Blake’s main priority as Chief Growth Officer is to expand the footprint of Astra Canyon Group and IFS deployments in North America.

As a former CEO with extensive experience in multiple manufacturing companies, I am proud to be a part of Astra Canyon Group. Our primary objective is to support business leaders navigating complex industries by providing them with the essential tools and insights to make well-informed decisions. By leveraging our collective expertise and cutting-edge technology, we are committed to delivering customized solutions that foster innovation and efficiency.
Blake Snider
Chief Growth Officer