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Considering FSM Software? See if IFS Field Service Management Is Right for Your Organization

Is your service based business in the market for new Field Service Management (FSM) software? If so you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to field service management (FSM), there are a lot of different software options to choose from. So, how do you know if IFS Field Service Management is the right tool for your team? In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the benefits of using IFS FSM and compare it to other popular FSM solutions. We will also discuss the needs of various types of businesses and help you decide if IFS is the right fit for your organization.

What is Field Service Management software exactly?

Field service management software helps businesses manage and dispatch field service technicians. The software can track technician location and schedule, dispatch work orders, and invoicing.

IFS Field Service Management Software
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IFS FSM is a cloud-based field service app that is most ideal for mid- to enterprise businesses with a large field service team.

IFS FSM software can have a transformative impact on service operations and makes complex service management simple. It provides a 360-degree view of all the components in the entire service lifecycle.

IFS FSM has a built-in analytics/reporting module. The analytics tool help managers allocate the correct amount of time needed for the service. It also helps them improve route management.

With the reporting tool, projected revenues can be compared against actual expenses. This helps companies monitor costs to maintain profitability and adjust future pricing as needed.

Each new work order begins with guided assistance to create the project scope. 

The full project scope contains work details, a supply checklist, and client contact information.

AI-assisted scheduling helps the dispatcher select the technician with the necessary skills for the job. 

Each technician is efficiently scheduled to reduce travel time, costs, and overtime. Navigation to each job site is embedded in the schedule dispatch.

At the job site, the technician views the job task card and sends a status update. The system tracks travel time and service time. This information helps properly allot time for future jobs.

When the work is completed and the customer signs the completion sheet, that document is automatically sent to the billing office for quick invoicing. 

There’s no excessive paperwork. Everything is digitally archived.

IFS FSM efficiently supports the whole field service lifecycle. It tracks and manages break/fix incidents, routine maintenance needs, parts management, technicians, and SLA agreements.

Astra Canyon Group customers using IFS FSM can generally expect to experienced a:

  • 20% increase in equipment uptime
  • 33% increase in technician productivity
  • 35% reduction in drive time
IFS Field Service Management solution streamlines a company's operations by: 
  • Helping to dispatch field service technicians more effectively and efficiently. Workforce planning immediately improves because dispatchers now have an overview of service requests, site locations, and technician schedules. Jobs can be color highlighted to indicate status categories. For instance, red can designate emergency repairs while other colors can show installations or routine maintenance work. Route management becomes highly efficient.
  • Customer self-service features. Customers can schedule and reschedule service appointments online
  • Providing real-time visibility into technician location and status. Artificial Intelligence assists with scheduling and helps prevent mistakes. If an emergency repair is needed, managers can immediately see which technicians are available or working nearby. If a specialty skill is required, the system will show only those technicians who are qualified to perform the service. 
  • Enabling technicians to access customer information and service history while in the field. The mobile app for field service technicians gives them access to their schedules with daily job task cards. Technicians can update progress in the field. And, the mobile app has security features to safeguard all information transmitted.
  • Capturing customer feedback and service quality data. Getting customer experience feedback allows companies to build on strengths and fix field service issues. 
  • Generating reports. Customizable reporting features help improve field service operations, monitor costs, track sales, and more.
  • Controlling/automating Spare Parts Management and Return Materials Authorization. IFS FSM has features to simplify reverse logistics management of routing, receiving, packaging, shipping, and billing.
Key features of IFS Field Service Management software:
  • Field technicians can edit, resolve and close assignments through a mobile device. Repetitive manual input is eliminated. 
  • Job time tracking helps forecast time allotments for similar service cases.
  • Closed cases can be reopened.
  • Contract and Warranty Management is simplified. The system tracks service contracts and warranty expiration dates. It automatically verifies whether or not the customer is entitled to a warranty service or repair.
  • Equipment maintenance improves. Notifications are automatically sent to clients when it’s time for routine service
  • The system helps keep labor costs in check. Overtime shifts can be highlighted with colors or icons
  • Inventory and parts planning improve. The system monitors and tracks repair parts inventory and can automatically reorder supplies  
  • Automated quoting helps clients budget for service needs 



IFS FSM seamlessly integrates with IFS CRM and IFS ERP and EAM.

It can also be integrated with other commonly used applications such as Salesforce, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Languages Supported:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Turkish
  • Swedish

Industry Analyst Reviews:

IFS FSM - 2021 Leader in Gartner® Magic Quadrant

IFS Field Service Management was named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for the sixth consecutive time.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have given IFS FSM positive reviews for its ability to streamline and improve field service operations. They appreciate the flexibility and customizable features of this software solution and say it helps them provide exceptional customer service.

Others have found it to be user-friendly and intuitive and say it has helped them grow their business.


What’s new With IFS FSM? 

IFS recently acquired Clevest, a firm that specializes in field service management for utility companies. Clevest's products are complementary to IFS's existing offerings. The acquisition demonstrates IFS’ commitment to continuing excellence in field service management technologies. It also allows IFS to better serve its customers, particularly its utility customers. 

IFS recently introduced two new field service management tools:

IFS Remote Assistance™

IFS also recently launched IFS Remote Assistance™ a merged reality (MR) solution. IFS Remote Assistance is a service industry option that allows IFS staff to provide remote technical assistance to customers. This service is used to troubleshoot technical issues, install software updates, and provide training and support.

IFS Customer Engagement™ 

The company also recently enhanced the capabilities of IFS Customer Engagement™. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation were added to strengthen and personalize customer service.

The configurable hub lets clients book services or have their questions answered online, through social media, or over the phone. 

IFS Field Service Management Pricing

IFS does not list pricing information for its software. The cost of IFS Field Service Management will vary depending on the size of your company and your business needs. We at Astra Canyon Group are a leading IFS channel partner and can help you understand how much IFS Field Service Management may cost your organization. Click the button below to get started with your estimate today.

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