Astra Canyon Marketing

6 min read

IFS vs Infor ERP (CloudSuite): Which ERP is Best?

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market is experiencing rapid growth, expected to...

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Field Service management, ERP solution, IFS ERP

4 min read

Considering FSM Software? See if IFS Field Service Management Is Right for Your Organization

Is your service based business in the market for new Field Service Management (FSM) software? If so...

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IFS VS Dynamics Face-off, Best ERP Software, Cloud ERP

7 min read

Cloud ERP Showdown: IFS vs Microsoft Dynamics

If you're in the market for new ERP software and you find yourself considering Microsoft Dynamics...

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IFS and SAP comparison, ERP showdown, ERP battle, Best ERP

9 min read

Cloud ERP Showdown: Comparing IFS vs SAP

Selecting a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool is an exciting and yet overwhelming...

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27 min read

What is IFS ERP? Everything You've Wanted to Know About IFS Cloud ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are crucial for modern businesses looking to streamline...

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Top ERP Join Forces, ERP Software, Enterprise Resource Planning

1 min read


Astra Inc. and Canyon Technologies Inc. merge to benefit ERP customers worldwide Tucson, March 3,...

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