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Exploring the Power of IFS ERP: A Comprehensive Guide to IFS ERP Modules

Exploring the Power of IFS ERP: A Comprehensive Guide to IFS ERP Modules

If you're exploring the capabilities of IFS Cloud ERP to ensure it aligns with your unique business requirements, you're in the right place. This exhaustive guide is tailored for professionals who want a detailed list of IFS ERP modules and capabilities by functional area. Whether you want to confirm specific functionalities or gain a comprehensive understanding of what IFS ERP offers, our comprehensive overview will help you quickly identify the components that are essential for your organization's usage of IFS ERP.

List of IFS Modules

IFS Financial Management Modules

IFS Financials transforms the way businesses manage their finances, providing a robust and comprehensive view of fiscal health while ensuring adherence to global regulatory standards. At the heart of this suite is IFS Consolidation, which streamlines the assimilation of financial data from various entities, simplifying complex processes such as intercompany eliminations and ownership reconciliations. This integration allows for real-time insights and detailed investigations into subsidiary balances with ease.

Strategic planning is made more accessible with IFS Business Planning, which facilitates the creation of precise budgets and forecasts. It offers an integrated planning engine that caters to a range of financial scenarios, from revenue projections to balance sheets. IFS Cash Flow complements this by enabling detailed liquidity analyses, drawing on comprehensive order and account data to inform better cash management decisions.

On the project front, IFS Project Finance provides extensive financial tracking throughout the project lifecycle, with capabilities to scrutinize transactions down to the source. This module is backed by robust accounting rules that align with diverse revenue recognition and capitalization methods.

The suite's efficiency is further amplified by IFS eInvoice, which automates the supplier invoicing workflow and expedites processing through advanced matching and authorization rules. This is mirrored in the accounts payable and receivable components, which optimize invoice handling and payment processes, enhancing the financial agility of the business. IFS Fixed Assets and General Ledger round out the offerings, ensuring strategic asset management and a solid foundation for financial analysis and reporting, respectively. Together, these modules form a comprehensive financial management system that equips businesses with the tools needed for fiscal excellence.

Here's a list of the key modules within the IFS Financial Management suite:

  1. IFS Consolidation
  2. IFS Business Planning
  3. IFS Cash Flow
  4. IFS Project Finance
  5. IFS eInvoice
  6. IFS Accounts Payable
  7. IFS Accounts Receivable
  8. IFS Fixed Assets
  9. IFS General Ledger

IFS Human Capital Management Modules

The IFS Human Capital Management suite provides a unified solution for comprehensive workforce management, enabling cost-effective administration of your company's human resources. It simplifies essential HR processes and facilitates strategic personnel development, ensuring your workforce is managed successfully.

At the core of the suite is a self-service component for employees and managers, streamlining tasks like time reporting, expense management, and performance appraisals, leading to greater employee engagement and data accuracy. Time & Attendance management is efficiently automated, offering robust control over labor data and seamless integration with project systems and payroll.

Health & Safety management is a key focus, ensuring compliance with regulations through detailed incident tracking and risk assessments. The suite supports talent management through the Qualifications & Employee Development module, which aligns organizational needs with employee skills for targeted development and strategic planning.

Here's a list of the key modules within the IFS Human Capital Management suite:

  1. IFS Employee & Manager Self-Service
  2. IFS Time & Attendance
  3. IFS Expense Management
  4. IFS Payroll Administration (available in selected markets or as an interface to third-party systems)
  5. IFS Health & Safety
  6. IFS Qualifications & Employee Development
  7. IFS Training Management
  8. IFS Recruitment
  9. IFS Employee & Organization Management

These modules collectively enhance HR functionality, from routine administration to strategic planning, ensuring that human capital is leveraged to its fullest potential within the organization.

IFS Engineering Modules

IFS Engineering streamlines the specification, design, and configuration of products, assemblies, and facilities, ensuring high-quality management of all related documentation and revisions. This comprehensive suite provides real-time access to essential data for informed technical, administrative, and financial decision-making, fostering a collaborative environment across purchasing, engineering, and manufacturing domains.

The suite's integration ensures a seamless flow from project deliverables coordination, covering all phases from tendering to after-sale support, to the commissioning of facilities with safety and compliance at the forefront. IFS Compatible Units further enhance operational efficiency by standardizing tasks like installations, supported by robust project and asset estimation tools.

IFS Asset Design offers a collaborative engineering framework that supports multidisciplinary design processes and integrates with procurement and project management modules for efficient material and EPCI project management. Engineering Change Management within the suite accelerates change processes, ensuring thorough review and approval before implementation.

Key modules in the IFS Engineering suite include:

  1. IFS Project Deliverables
  2. IFS Commissioning
  3. IFS Compatible Units
  4. IFS Asset Design
  5. IFS Engineering Change Management
  6. IFS PDM Configuration

These modules collectively provide a solid foundation for engineering excellence, enabling organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of their assets and projects with precision and efficiency.

IFS Project Management Modules

IFS Projects stands out as a holistic solution designed to streamline project management across various sectors, including construction, engineering, and R&D. By integrating seamlessly with other IFS modules, it ensures that every phase of the project lifecycle, from inception to completion, is managed with precision and efficiency.

Central to IFS Projects is its ability to provide detailed project reporting, enabling accurate tracking of time, expenses, materials, and miscellaneous costs. This functionality is essential for maintaining financial clarity and supporting client billing, especially in contracts that allow for reimbursements.

Risk management within IFS Projects allows for the establishment of standardized risk assessments, ensuring that potential issues are identified and mitigated effectively. Complementing this is the robust project budgeting and forecasting tool, which offers extensive capabilities for managing project finances, including support for various budgeting and forecasting methodologies.

The suite also includes advanced planning and scheduling features, with Gantt charts, dependency tracking, and resource planning, ensuring that projects remain on track. Integration with external tools like Microsoft Project enhances flexibility and extends functionality.

Project management capabilities allow for the creation of detailed work breakdown structures (WBS), facilitating comprehensive tracking of project costs, revenues, and progress. Sub-contract management and sales contract management modules further streamline external collaborations and financial transactions, ensuring smooth project execution and billing.

Key IFS Projects Modules:

  1. IFS Project Reporting
  2. IFS Risk Management
  3. IFS Project Budgeting & Forecasting
  4. IFS Planning & Scheduling
  5. IFS Project Management
  6. IFS Sub-Contract Management
  7. IFS Sales Contract Management

This suite not only provides the tools necessary for effective project management but also ensures that projects are aligned with financial and operational objectives, ultimately driving success and efficiency.

IFS Manufacturing Modules

IFS Manufacturing equips organizations with an extensive suite designed to optimize every stage of the manufacturing process. It facilitates a smooth, automated workflow for repetitive tasks and manages exceptions with advanced functionality, supporting lean operations and mixed-mode manufacturing. This integration ensures a cohesive manufacturing process that aligns with purchasing, engineering, and other critical business functions.

The suite includes IFS Sales and Operations Planning, which harmonizes sales, finance, and production plans to maintain a balanced business approach. IFS Material & Resource Planning ensures efficient scheduling and resource allocation, critical for meeting production demands. Visual Planning & Scheduling provides a graphical overview of production schedules, helping to quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks.

For businesses focused on custom orders, IFS Configure & Make to Order streamlines the production process, from design through manufacturing. IFS Component Repair offers robust support for service or manufacturing environments, ensuring cost and risk control. Project-Based Manufacturing allows for manufacturing activities to be directly linked to specific projects, facilitating precise cost tracking and resource management.

Key IFS Manufacturing Modules:

  1. IFS Sales and Operations Planning
  2. IFS Material & Resource Planning
  3. IFS Visual Planning & Scheduling
  4. IFS Configure & Make to Order
  5. IFS Component Repair
  6. IFS Project Based Manufacturing
  7. IFS Discrete Manufacturing
  8. IFS Batch Process Manufacturing
  9. IFS Repetitive Manufacturing
  10. IFS Shop Floor Reporting

This suite not only streamlines manufacturing processes but also ensures that projects are completed efficiently, on time, and within budget, leveraging technology to enhance productivity and agility in manufacturing operations.

IFS Sales and Service Management Modules

IFS Sales & Service is a robust suite designed to enhance every aspect of customer relationship management, from initial sales leads to continuous support and service. By integrating sales and service processes with CRM functionalities, it enables businesses to add value to their customer interactions at every touchpoint.

The suite incorporates IFS Mapping for efficient route and job planning, using real-time data and visualizations. Quotation and contract management are streamlined through IFS Service Quotation Management and IFS Service Contract Management, ensuring accurate and profitable service agreements. Advanced scheduling tools like IFS Dynamic Scheduling and the What-If Scenario Explorer optimize workforce allocation and scenario planning, enhancing service delivery.

Field operations are empowered with IFS Field Service & Mobile, which covers the entire service cycle, including dynamic scheduling and precise pricing. IFS Call & Case Management improves call center effectiveness, offering deep insights into service processes. Additionally, tools like IFS Sales Configurator and IFS Web Store facilitate product selection and online order management, while IFS CRM integrates customer information across the enterprise for a unified view.

Key Modules:

  1. IFS Mapping
  2. IFS Service Quotation Management
  3. IFS Service Contract Management
  4. IFS Dynamic Scheduling
  5. IFS Field Service & Mobile
  6. IFS Call & Case Management
  7. IFS Sales Configurator
  8. IFS Web Store
  9. IFS CRM

Together, these modules ensure a seamless, efficient, and customer-centric sales and service experience, fostering long-term customer relationships and business growth.

IFS Supply Chain Management Modules

The IFS Supply Chain suite is designed to enhance supply chain visibility and efficiency, supporting a variety of distribution models and operational methods. This comprehensive solution ensures that product flows are optimized and that the system is used efficiently, providing the agility necessary for growth and adaptation to enterprise changes.

Key aspects include IFS Demand Forecasting, which leverages graphical tools for easy and collaborative planning, and IFS Supply Chain Planning, which offers integrated planning across multiple sites and entities. Inventory management is streamlined with IFS Inventory Replenishment, utilizing advanced planning strategies for optimal stock levels.

Sales processes are managed effectively through IFS Sales Order, covering the entire cycle from quotation to invoicing. Supplier relationships and procurement processes are optimized with IFS SRM & Procurement, enhancing efficiency and pricing negotiations. IFS Shipment Management ensures smooth handling of both inbound and outbound shipments, while IFS Rental Management and IFS Warehouse Management provide comprehensive support for rental operations and warehouse management, respectively.

Key IFS Supply Chain Modules:

  1. IFS Demand Forecasting
  2. IFS Supply Chain Planning
  3. IFS Inventory Replenishment
  4. IFS Sales Order
  5. IFS SRM & Procurement
  6. IFS Shipment Management
  7. IFS Rental Management
  8. IFS Warehouse Management

Together, these modules empower businesses to manage their supply chains more effectively, ensuring that operations are agile, responsive, and aligned with the overall business strategy.

IFS Maintenance Management Modules

IFS Maintenance, a key part of the comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, is crafted to meet the dynamic needs of asset management. It simplifies the management of assets, making it easier for users to adapt to changes and enhance asset performance and longevity.

The suite includes tools like IFS Overall Equipment Effectiveness, which aids in maximizing revenue through improved equipment performance. For managing subcontractor interactions and tenders, IFS B2B Contracting offers a collaborative portal that enhances efficiency and cost management. IFS Complex MRO aligns resources for more efficient Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) operations, while IFS Vehicle Information Management provides integrated fleet management capabilities.

Preventive maintenance is streamlined with IFS Preventive Maintenance, allowing for scheduled tasks based on various parameters. IFS Maintenance Planning and IFS Work Order further enhance the efficiency of maintenance operations, facilitating detailed planning and execution. The suite also addresses the management of linear assets and equipment, ensuring comprehensive asset lifecycle management.

Key Modules:

  1. IFS Equipment Effectiveness
  2. IFS B2B Contracting
  3. IFS Complex MRO
  4. IFS Vehicle Information Management
  5. IFS Preventive Maintenance
  6. IFS Maintenance Planning
  7. IFS Work Order
  8. IFS Linear Assets
  9. IFS Equipment

This approach to asset management ensures not only the upkeep and optimal performance of assets but also aligns with the strategic objectives of growth and efficiency within the organization.

IFS Business Enablers

FS Business Enablers empower organizations to nurture relationships by leveraging modern web, mobile, and social technologies. They enable the provision of accurate, real-time, personalized information to employees, customers, suppliers, and partners through easy-to-use portals, event streams, and purpose-built mobile solutions.

Key Modules:

  1. IFS API & Access facilitates API access to IFS Applications, enabling extensibility through various platforms. OpenID Connect support also allows seamless integration between IFS data/processes and external apps/services.
  2. IFS Configuration & Extensibility helps customize IFS Applications to align processes and data models, enhancing user experiences.
  3. IFS Business-2-Business invites external stakeholders into key processes via an intuitive browser-based interface covering manufacturing, collaboration, documents, service, work orders, sales etc.
  4. IFS Lobby provides role-based insight into critical business situations, prompting users to address items needing their attention. It is easily customizable.
  5. IFS Mobile Solutions enables BYOD mobile access for tasks like approvals, time reporting etc. Apps are available for both iOS and Android.
  6. IFS Data Management delivers robust integration, facilitating connections between IFS Applications and other systems via services, messaging or file transfers.
  7. IFS Streams allows proactive, subscription-based notifications of events, tasks and object changes to subscribed users.

By enabling strong connections across the organizational ecosystem, IFS Business Enablers empower data-driven decisions and efficient operations.

Discover the Full Potential of IFS ERP with Astra Canyon Group

From financials to manufacturing, and human capital management to supply chain optimization, IFS ERP is engineered to enhance operational efficiency and drive business growth in the cloud.

Getting a deeper understanding of these modules in action can provide valuable insights into how IFS ERP can modernize your business processes. Check out the on-demand demo below provided by Astra Canyon that brings these functionalities to life. 

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