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Astra Inc. and Canyon Technologies Inc. merge to benefit ERP customers worldwide

Tucson, March 3, 2021 — Astra, Inc. and Canyon Technologies, Inc., two leading IFS Gold Services partners announced that they will merge effective April 1, 2021. The combined company, Astra Canyon Group LLC forms one of the largest groups within the global IFS partner ecosystem. Astra Canyon Group will be headquartered in Tucson, AZ with worldwide presence.

“I am extremely excited to be joining forces with Canyon Tech,” said Naren Velu, President & CEO of the newly formed Astra Canyon Group. “We have tremendous synergies in our background, culture and experience. We share a common vision for the future. Both existing and prospective clients will benefit immensely from this collaboration on their IFS journey.”

The Astra Canyon Group brings together the strongest talent and expertise to handle the largest and most complex IFS implementations — without compromising the quality of service for which both Astra and Canyon Technologies are recognized.

“ I am extremely excited to join forces with Canyon Tech. We have tremendous synergies in our background, culture and experience. Both existing and prospective clients will benefit immensely from this collaboration… “ — Naren Velu, President & CEO, Astra Canyon Group

“The merger of Astra and Canyon Technologies is great news for our clients, our partners and our employees,” said Ajay Gupta, Client Success Officer at Astra Canyon Group. “The complementary skills and product offerings of Astra and Canyon Tech will create a strong team that delivers digital transformation solutions to our IFS clients. Our shared philosophy of offering compelling value enables us to achieve greater success together.”

About Astra Canyon Group LLC – Established in 2021 by the merger of two leading IFS partners in North America, Astra Canyon Group LLC builds on complementary strengths to form the larges, most experienced and highest quality IFS consulting group in North America.

About Astra, Inc. – A pioneer in IFS consulting, implementation and support in North America. Astra specializes in enabling companies to leverage their IFS Applications investments by providing packaged and custom ERP consulting services and state-of-the-art digital transformation products.

About Canyon Technologies, Inc. – Canyon Technologies has provided IFS consulting services and support to companies in North America for almost two decades. IFS customers benefit from Canyon’s breadth of IFS Applications knowledge and the ability to deliver the right solutions.

To learn more, contact Akash Jain – Director, Business Development – at: ajain@astracanyon.com

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